We get asked this one all the time.  The answer is yes, we run an honest and legitimate business and have been shipping buds since the fall of 2012. You can see our firstsite from September 2013 here at this internet archive (we were solely on the darknet for a year before that). Our goal is to provide our customers with great products and great customer service so they will come back for more and tell their friends about our great products and service. 

Security is a primary concern to me and I keep no records of any transactions.

We have a criminal defense attorney, Whom has given us the green light.

I have a 100% arrival rate. 

We deliver to all state with overnight without any trouble.

We do not accept any other payment methods besides what is listed in the payment section. Please don’t write to us to ask!

It takes 24 hours within the state and 2-5 days out of USA , depending on the country.

We ship from several locations and if you order multiple items your order may arrive in a few different packages.  If you have only received part of your order and 10 weekdays has passed, please let us know at that time.

Through various high tech security precautions, We have created a system where the risk to you is minimal. In our opinion, mail order is safer than buying from a dealer and driving home with the contraband in your car. Your package will look like an ordinary package so who’s to know what’s in it? Please see the security page for more information on our security system.

All orders are shipped from within the United States.  We now ship some products internationally.

For obvious reasons we do not accept returns. However, when you see the quality of the product you will not want to return it! If your package does not arrive within two weeksof payment, write to me and we will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to our error we will resend (with a bonus) or give you a refund. If it just gets “lost in the mail” then we will reship. If the package was delivered,  we will give you the delivery confirmation code so you can see for yourself it was delivered, but no refund. It could be it was intercepted by a family member or roommate and we have no control over that. Also if it was not delivered due to a customer giving a faulty address there will be no refund.

We ship only USPS. You will NEVER have to sign for a package from us. Yes we deliver to PO boxes. We  generally provide tracking information.

No. Our policies are very clear on the web site and we don’t make exceptions to them so please don’t ask.


You may hear the term ‘dabbing’ while in Colorado. Dabbing is a technique for consuming concentrates. 

You place a ‘dab’ of concentrate onto a heated surface, which in turns vaporizes the concentrate which is then inhaled. Think of it as a sophisticated way of hot knifing. Be warned, dabbing can get you to level 10 baked, and it is easy to over consume, so best left to the experienced users.

Because cannabis concentrates are often sticky, we recommend storing them in parchment paper or non-stick silicone containers.

Learn to manage your dosage effectively…

A. Begin with a ¼ of a “dose” or small portion of Cannabis oil most advisable an hour to bed time at night.

B. Wait for at least one hour and analyze the effects.

C. Build your body tolerance and increase the dose gradually untill you can consume a gram a day.

NOTE. Do not operate heavy machinery, motor vehicles, boats, or motorcycles while taking edible medication. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or caring for an infant. Be aware of your surroundings and possible hazards, and prepare for your needs before taking medication.

Remember: Edibles can vary greatly in potency. Products often contain multiple doses or lesser doses of medicine. Weight, metabolism, and eating habits can alter dosage effects. Eating medical cannabis on an empty stomach can intensify effects. Learn dosage management that works for you when ingesting Cannabis oil. If you feel you have eaten too much of a food-based Cannabis medicine, do not panic, your symptoms will subside within a few hours. Remain calm. Stay hydrated and eat food to help symptoms pass.

One of the things you can enjoy during your visit to Colorado are the wide array of hash and concentrates. Most people are familiar with consuming marijuana in the flower (bud) form, but there are many other forms of marijuana available in Colorado for your enjoyment.

Hash and concentrates have the same goal of removing the plant matter and extracting the resin glands, which contain the THC.  The technique for the extraction of resin glands differs from one concentrate to the next. 

Concentrates generally contain a higher % of THC than hash products. The common theme of all concentrates is they use some type of solvent to extract the THC. In the later part of the process, the solvents and plant matter are removed from the concentrate.

The 2 most common types of solvents used in the extraction process are butane or CO2. One criticism of concentrates is that it’s unlikely for all the solvents to be fully removed from the product. This is why CO2 extraction has become more popular than butane extraction. CO2 is harmless while consuming butane spells bad news. With that said, professional concentrate manufacturers have become extremely efficient in removing butane, so don’t write off butane extracted concentrates too quickly.

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